join us at the stammtisch

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the interaction design stammtisch/meetup takes place every 2nd tuesday of the month at different locations (to be announced here and there and everywhere: @IxDvie#IxDvie)

everyone interested in topics such as interaction design, user experience, usability, accessibility, user interface design, user experience is cordially invited and very welcome to participate: we are actually quite open regardless of origin, age, gender or not — registration is not necessary
we don’t bite, promised

the schedule for a stammtisch looks something like:

  • 7:00pm — round of introduction, job offers & recommended events
  • 7:30pm — short slots (30–60min) for 1–3 mini-talks/presentations
  • 9:00pm — open discussions, get-together, focusing on previous topics … sometimes we also have „dinner“ (some food ordered online before the first mini-talk)

an outlook of the planned topics for a stammtisch, transcripts and reviews of past meetings, links and inspirations are recorded collaboratively per

you have a topic that you want to present? we will find you a slot!
your topic could be related to a book, article, prototype, startup-concept, wireframe, a problem you have got, a solution you want to talk about …
→ please bring your idea, we will put it on the agenda, or add your idea directly to our collaborative pad!

you got a location for the stammtisch/meetup? perfect! give us a shout, scout!
(as we are a rather fluid hui the exact numbers of individuals showing up is always amongst the unknown — ideally the location should accommodate 40+, and only few mind a cold beer)

you still want to help?
all events are organized in our free time (the stammtisch as well as UX Night Vienna 2017, Interaction16 Redux Vienna, World Usability Day 2009, UX Camp Vienna 2009 and others). there is no commercial background and never should be.
if you want to help, you are truly appreciated! this could include help organizing the stammtisch, improving this website and so on — write us h… … but: the biggest help is giving a mini-talk

there is also the IxDAvienna mailinglist if you want to stay in touch by email

the interaction design stammtisch in vienna has been up for some yearsway back now and lately is also promoted on as »UxWien Evening Meetup« or »UxWien Metalab Meetup«.